Collecting Claims

In the field of collecting claims diverse legal knowledge is required: each claim to which the debtor is entitled belongs to the insolvency assets and must be realised in the interest of the creditors. These also include claims arising from purchase agreements or work agreements, compensation claims or corporate law claims.

Where claims are collected in the framework of insolvency proceedings led by us, we call on the broad spectrum of expertise of GvW Graf von Westphalen's partners and can therefore obtain the optimal results for the insolvency assets irrespective of the legal field to which the claim to be collected belongs. Weighing up prospects of success and cost risks for the insolvency assets and the successful, assertion of the claims, where necessary in court and enforcement thereof, for the insolvency assets is at the focus of our activity.

In the case of insolvency proceedings over the assets of natural persons the focus of our activity as insolvency administrators is on the fast, efficient and transparent handling of the proceedings and achieving the highest possible quota for the creditors.

Key Contact

Carsten D. Liersch

Lawyer and Insolvency Administrator, Accredited Specialist in Insolvency Law
T +49 30 851029-0