Restructuring advice

If a company is in crisis, this means a period of challenge and uncertainty for all those involved, e.g. the management, suppliers or banks.

We advise companies at risk of insolvency in the framework of our restructuring and insolvency advice which is aimed at averting a crisis situation.

We create specially tailor-made restructuring concepts and monitor their successful implementation. One aspect of insolvency advice is the restructuring of a company on the basis of an insolvency plan.

The restructuring of a company also includes questions of employment law; for this we have a team of specialist employment lawyers who can provide advice on the employment law elements of restructuring and insolvency. We work in an interdisciplinary manner with the human resources managers and business administrators to guarantee the practical implementation of the developed measures.

Moreover, security management is an offer especially for creditors, particularly banks, credit insurers and suppliers, so that these can effectively protect their securities before and during insolvency. 

Key Contact

Carsten D. Liersch

Lawyer and Insolvency Administrator, Accredited Specialist in Insolvency Law
T +49 30 851029-0